Saturday, June 29, 2013

COLORING CLASS: ...Darker Skin Tones and Curly Hair

Christina from Card Making Magic, shows how to color darker skin tones in this 2-part video tutorial. It's done almost exactly the same way as the pale skin tones, just using different colors, plus a final all-over blending to eliminate any blotches.

In the first video, she also covers the technique to coloring CURLY HAIR. And in the second video, both a baby boy and a baby girl card are finished up so we can see the final projects!

Watch Part 1 on YouTube: HERE

Watch Part 2 on YouTube: HERE

I hope you are getting the hang of coloring with alcohol markers/pens. In the next video post on July 1st, Christina covers how to color blue JEANS! Hope you'll come back to see it :)  

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