Monday, September 9, 2013

Beautiful and Modern Wedding Invitations

Awhile back, I got my sister stuck on paper crafting.... cards, scrapbook layouts, etc. Her only child just got married, and she wanted to make their wedding invitations for them, so her DIL-to-be described what she wanted, and I showed her how to go about making them. 

This is what we came up with:

Derek wanted a red & black wedding, not because of the elegance of those two colors, but because he is a huge Texas Tech fan, LOL!

Sandea, on the other hand, loves purple and zebra print!! But because she loves my nephew, too, she compromised her purple for a red, black and white wedding, so her zebra print fit right in, and Derek still had his beloved Texas Tech color scheme! Besides.... her dress was white, so everything came together just fine. (They even special ordered zebra-print converse shoes with red laces for the footwear! Strange to me, but totally normal to them!)

The writing was done in Word and printed on 24lb white paper. My sister was so excited to find zebra envelopes online (from Hobby Lobby). The red cardstock came pre-cut from LCI Paper ( The little red sparkles are actually flat stickers called "Jewel Dazzles" from Paper Wishes, also online.  I know the zebra ribbon was an online purchase as well, but I just can't remember where we ordered it from :( 

We think they turned out pretty well. She made them all by herself, after my initial help with the design, and for a relative newbie in paper crafting, I think she did a wonderful job on them. :) 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bridal Shower - WEDDING CAKE Gift Card Box

Wedding Cake Gift Card Box
made with paper!

Next weekend, our one and only nephew is getting married! Early in July,
his mom and I gave the happy couple a bridal shower/dinner at my house. We hand-crafted some paper decorations to hang above the hearth, where the gifts were, as well as over the bistro table, where the delicious cupcake tree sat! 

You can see the whole and half-circle rosettes hanging down. We had attached them to the light fixture that hangs over the bistro table.

Alongside the cupcakes, my sister placed her wedding cake gift card holder box! After seeing the one I had made my friend, Susi (see my original cake box here, along with the 'how to' instructions), she was just waiting until her only child got married to make one for them! 

Of course she used their color theme of red, white and black (in this case zebra and red!) If you click on the photo to make it larger, you'll see the "zebra" print center on the rosettes that I had to hand-draw! You'll also see the zebra cupcake holders around the outside of each cupcake!

Now here are some close-ups of her wedding cake gift card box.... so sorry, in advance that a couple are blurred.... 

front view

side view

top view

front view

The bride-to-be loved the wedding cake box! That's what mattered most :) .... hope you like it, too!

Thanks for stopping by.... come again :) 

Side Note: Something is apparently wrong with my camera, since ALL the photos looked perfectly clear on the screen, and it wasn't until I loaded them in to the computer that I found out how bad they were. I couldn't even salvage the 'front view' close-up while the cake box was on the bistro table. I'm glad my sis had taken a picture of it while still in the scraproom, or I wouldn't have had any clear ones! Of the 60 photos taken at the party, we only kept 23 and most of them have some blurring as well... so disappointed :(  

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