Saturday, July 13, 2013

COLORING CLASS - How to Blend Colors

In this Coloring Class, Christina shows us several ways to blend colors on to your background papers using blender blocks with pads or felt. She uses both Distress Inks and Alcohol Inks for these ideas.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Some of these ideas are for multi-color shading around your colored images. Other ideas are for making gorgeous background papers. Christina uses a variety of papers here, including cardstock, acetate, and mirricard. 

Well, this was the final Coloring Class for this series. 
I may be posting more classes in the future, which I will just add with the same 'tag/label', so that all tutorials about coloring will be together under the "Tutorials - COLORING CLASS" label in my sidebar.

I hope this was beneficial to some of you... I know I learned a few things along the way!

Thanks for stopping in and following these coloring tutorials. :)  

Thursday, July 11, 2013


In this Coloring Class, Christina covers the red alcohol ink pens.

Reds can cause problems when coloring because of the vibrancy of the color, so she starts with the lightest color all over each section to wet the paper first. That way, blending the darker colors in will be easier.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

She finishes with making a beautiful decoupaged card.

Well this coloring series is finally coming to a close! The next video will be the last of this series. It covers how to BLEND Distress and Alcohol Inks on different papers for that added touch to your cards.

Hope you'll join me then. Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


In this Coloring Class, Christina shows how to
color a GREEN Dragon!
BUT this would also be how to color frogs, reptiles, etc.
AND leaves and foliage! 

She also shows a little bit on how she does 
her cloudy sky background with Distress Ink and template. 

Watch on YouTube: HERE

She finishes with putting her card together.

In the next COLORING CLASS, we'll be going over the

Sunday, July 7, 2013

COLORING CLASS - Creating a Cloudy Sky

Since Christina mentioned coloring a cloudy sky in her last video tutorial, I wanted to show a way to do it. I found a video using Copic markers.... but the same technique can be applied to the Spectrum Noir pens. 

Watch on YouTube: HERE
(This video is by Annika Ryan. The music is a little too loud in
some places, but they get it straightened out)

You'll just have to experiment with the Spectrum Noir colors to figure out which ones to use for the shading, but I'd start with the very lightest blue - TB1 - to color the spaces around the clouds. 

The next Coloring Class will will show how to work with just the Greens...
for coloring a Dragon..... or it could also be good for coloring frogs!

Friday, July 5, 2013

COLORING CLASS: ...Browns for Animal Fur

Animal Fur can be a bit tricky, so Christina shows how to do this by coloring a momma monkey and her baby. Since both monkeys are "brown", each section of their bodies are colored in the same way. So once you understand how their bodies are colored, then you can skip ahead to about 10 minutes into the video.....

Watch on YouTube: HERE

At that time, she starts talking about the background. Then she goes into how to texture the monkey's fur.... don't miss that part! A cool technique and it's very easy to do!

Finally, she covers how to make it into a card, by making matching patterned paper to use for the card front.

(Next Color Class will have a video from Annika Ryan,
showing us how to create a Cloudy Sky background!)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


In this first 'class' for coloring with the different color sets of the Spectrum Noir alcohol ink pens, Christina, from Card Making Magic, uses the Ice Greys to color a winter snow scene.

These "shadowing" tips really make the scene come alive instead of being just a flat image on the page. See how she does it in the following video:

Watch on YouTube: HERE

I love how great these colors look for shading things that need to stay looking white! And of course, she finishes off with showing how it looks made into a beautiful card.

These tips and techniques would be the same with any brand of alcohol markers, including Copics, CTMH, and other similar pens. Watching Christina actually coloring and blending these images, gives me much more confidence that I can master coloring with alcohol ink pens, too!

Next up is a tutorial on coloring and texturing animal fur, in the video COLORING CLASS - Browns! Don't miss it!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Create the everyday outfit of blue jeans and t-shirts on your images, especially on cards or projects for teenagers or when needing something for the masculine gender.

In Christina's video tutorial, she shows how to do this... even gives the jeans a little "washed-out" faded look. 

Watch on YouTube: HERE

I just love the way she shades things that are supposed to be white, so they aren't just flat on the page!.... Speaking of that, in the next Color Class, she will be covering the Ice Grey's pen set. She makes a beautiful snow scene come alive with her shadowing techniques.... don't miss it! 

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