Saturday, September 20, 2014

Large Anniversary Card

Today I wanted to share an anniversary card I made for my son and his wife:

(click on photo to view larger image)

This is a larger card. I used a full 8-1/2 x 11 sheet folded in half, making the finished size 8.5" x 5.5". I used one of my favorite engagement photos of them and printed it out in Sepia. 

I made the card with CTMH cardstock in Colonial White, with the photo mat in Creme Brulee, along with Desert Sand ink.  Using a sponge, I distressed the edges and the raised embossed area with the ink before attaching it to the card base. 
The embossed panel is slightly raised with dimensional tape.

The lace-edged burlap is from a shop on Etsy. I just absolutely love it! 

(I also used a wider version of it on the Guest Book album I made for our daughter's wedding. You can see the album here, in case you missed it)

Finishing touches: a metal heart I've had for so long, I don't remember where I got it! Little punched hearts, embossed & inked, and 21 pearls from CTMH (Mocha Opaques)!

I hope you like the card and thanks for coming to my blog today! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wedding Sparkler Labels

Just a quick post today.... 

At the wedding send-off, they've decided to use sparklers instead of rice, birdseed, confetti, etc.

I made these labels in MS Word.... 10 to a page.

I took the photo (sorry for my shadow) before I cut them apart. I also cut slits just above and below the words, for 2 sparklers to fit through each label..... like a ribbon slide.

I can't show them with the sparklers, as the sparklers had to be shipped by ground straight to DD from the manufacturer. I had to include these labels in one of 4 boxes I had to ship out to her with all the projects I've made for the wedding! 

I'll be sharing more projects soon.

Thanks for dropping in :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Housewarming Card

My daughter and her fiance just bought their first home together for their blended family.... along with the 25 acre farm it's attached to, LOL!

So I made this beautiful window card for the occasion. It's my first window card, and I really like how it turned out. 

I made it 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and popped up the window to create a little depth between the window, with its curtain valance, and the "wallpapered wall" 
of CTMH Bella stripes in the "room".
Here's a shot of the inside:

Writing is done in MS Word.... fonts used were 2 Peas High Tide and Leaf1. Of course the bird and 3-leaf are diecuts and the stripe I cut from the same Bella paper I used for the wallpaper on the front.

I also included some photo address labels and picture magnets as a small gift in their padded packet for mailing.... (small gift now because we already bought them a new bedroom set for their wedding!)

I used this photo of them all for the address labels, which say "Life is Beautiful" up in the sky area, with their name and address in the reflection on the water-covered beach. 

(photo credit: Mary Pam Sizemore)

I think she'll love them, as this was one of her favorite photos. I ordered them from Shutterfly, as well as the magnets, and they all turned out beautifully.

One magnet is a collage of some of their engagement photos:
(photo credit: Mary Pam Sizemore)

They have 3 girls between them, so one magnet is of them. I just love this photo and had one made for me, too!:
(photo credit: Mary Pam Sizemore)

(Just on a side note... our daughter stands 6'3" tall barefoot! And that toddler in the middle is hers. She's not even 2 years old yet in this photo, and her 2 new older sisters standing with her are 8 and almost 10 years old... but their mom is short, so it's understandable! But she'll outgrow them before long, LOL)

The final magnets are each 2x2.... the hearts and black lines are not really part of these break-away magnets. I just covered up ordering info that's printed in the middle and used the hearts to cover the girls names I had printed on them.

(photo credit: Mary Pam Sizemore)

They are all such cutie-pies!

Well thanks for stopping by for a few minutes to see my card. Have a great day! :)

CTMH products used:
Cardstock - Colonial White, Smokey Plum, Amethyst, Cocoa, Desert Sand,                       and Creme Brulee, Buttercup, Olive
Patterned Paper - Bella
Ink - Desert Sand 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Wedding Easel

We needed a sign of some sort, for the instructions on how to use the little message cards for the Guest Book. I had thought about typing up the instructions and putting them in a pretty frame on the table beside the book, but decided it needed to be double-sided since the table will not be up against a wall. 

This is what we came up with:

Sorry the photo is blurry.... (note to self: do not try to take photos when hands are shaky, lol!).... Anyway, I took the photo in a mirror to try to show the back easel. It is lower because it sits on the easel frame, but I think it will do the job.

While the Guest Book table might end up under a tree somewhere, it will be able to be accessed from both sides. With the 4 decorated navy gel pens available to use, more than one person could be sharing their well wishes or advice at one time.

So I thought a double-sided easel with chalkboards would fill the bill.... and my hubby found this wooden table-top easel at Walmart. It was unfinished, so he painted it white to match the Guest Book Box holding the mini-cards, pens, and envelope seals. He also found 2 small chalkboards and painted those frames as well.

Here's a little clearer view that's also closer up:

I decorated each easel with a simple corner floral and bow accent. Again I painted the originally white roses from I Am Roses with Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays. I blended a few colors to get the right color of mint. 

Here's a close up of the flowers after I painted them. They are not put into the corner arrangement yet, but I wanted you to see how they sparkle... I just love Lindy's Starbust sprays!

(click on the photos to see larger)

The only thing is that I took this photo with my cell phone and the bigger blue rose turned out more like a royal blue on my monitor instead of the NAVY color it really is.... so frustrating! I wonder if I'll ever get this color thing figured out since I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Oh well, such is life! :)

I will use a chalk marker to write on the chalkboards so the instructions can't be just rubbed off like regular chalk. 

I hope you like this, as much love is going into all these projects for our only daughter. And I love that I can share them here and maybe inspire some creativity in others.

Thanks for stopping by again today. 

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