Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Card Making - Just the Basics - What Adhesives to Use?

There are many adhesives on the market, and it can be very confusing as to what to choose. You may think that only one is necessary, but which one?

Well, actually each kind of adhesive is good for specific items. If you watch this video from Christina, you'll have a bunch of questions answered about wet and dry adhesives:

Watch on YouTube: HERE

As far as the double-sided paper tapes in different widths, 
Scor-Tape is very popular and easily tears with your fingers. 

Low-tack tape is like the blue painter's tape that is removable.

Pinflair glues (the 'wet' glues Christina uses) are not sold in the States, but the company will ship here..... it just can be a little expensive on the cost and takes much longer to arrive. You can find their products here. There are many 'wet' glues available in the US.... some dry quicker than others.

Also that Quickie Glue Pen from Sakura (that she wrote with and glittered).... it is great for when you have something very skinny to glue down, like flower stems. I love it!

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