Monday, August 29, 2011

Bling Storage Box

As I recall, this unfinished wood box was from KaiserCraft. I use it to store all of my
non-CTMH bling! (I have a drawer for CTMH bling! LOL!)

I used Mod Podge for Paper to glue on the paper from the Magnifique PP. This Mod
Podge wasn't as thick as the regular, so it dried faster, and the top sealer coat is not as
'tacky' as the other after drying!

While I covered the top and front with the peacock, I decided to used the striped paper
on the sides and back. I think I did a pretty good job matching up the peacock's tail
feathers down the front, even with the 'break' in the box where it opens!

Here's a better view of the top!
(click on photos to see larger image)

I added a few blue Sparkles to the peacock on the top and the word "bling" with bling 
on the front under the latch to give it a little more pizzazz!

Metal Storage Tin

I decorated this metal storage tin with the retired Bella paper. I used Mod Podge to
glue the paper to the metal, and put a couple coats on top to seal it, allowing for
drying time in between coats.

The embellishments are a mixture of CTMH and other items I had on hand. I use
this box to store the larger CTMH embellishments (like parts of the mini medley
sets) that won't fit in the little craft jars storage case, as well as stuff like waxy flax,
hemp, canvas buttons, etc.

the right side

the left side

the back

I like the way it turned out, and it serves it's purpose!
I hope you like it, too!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Friend..... The Bride-To-Be!

It's not a very good quality photo, but isn't she lovely? She's the prettiest Grandma I know!

This is my friend, Susi, for whom I made the Wedding Cake Gift Card Box!

We've been friends a long, long time..... I look it! But she on the other hand hasn't
changed much in the 22 years I've known her. Her son was almost one when we met
and her daughter was not even a twinkle in her daddy's eye back then! My kids were
about 8yrs and 6yrs old at the time.... boy, time flies by!

Anyway.... I wanted to tell her what a wonderful  honor she has bestowed upon me!
The "cake" I made her arrived, and she liked it so much, that she is having her actual
wedding cake made like it! I was so shocked... I was moved to tears! Happy ones!
And I was so happy she loved the "wedding cake" I made for her and Greg. :)

She said she sent in a photo of it on Friday, so the bakery would know what to make!
And she also said she is going to have my gift at the reception so the guests will know
what inspired her own REAL cake!..... This just blows me away! I never expected
such an honor! She is such a sweetheart! Greg is a lucky man! I hope he knows it.

Thank you, Susi, for this great honor and for being my friend all these years!
I wish many happy ones for you and Greg in the future.

Faux Pinwheels - (aka Windmills!)

Kristina Baldwin shows how to make a cute Faux Pinwheel in this video tutorial. It
reminds me of a windmill more than a pinwheel, but it's pretty just the same! And I
love the Mayberry paper she used.... one of my favorite sets!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Wasn't that a cute "Windmill"?
Or does it look like a 'pinwheel' to you?
Decide for yourselves.... it's great either way!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pretty Paper Roses - by Corina Mitchell

Corina is a CTMH consultant and she has a wonderful paper rose tutorial on her blog!
They are made with just three six-petalled paper flowers and are so easy to make.

No rolling is involved (which I can't do because that makes my hands cramp), so I can
actually make these beautiful, full roses. See her tutorial here .

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peanut Butter Balls - a Favorite Treat... Yum! Yum!

You can probably tell these are so "rich"! And oh so delicious! Yum! Yum!
These PB Balls are so addictive that my best friend made for me. She's so sweet and knew I needed an incentive to get a move on, and get Susi's wedding cake and card finished up. She knows me sooooo well..... this bribe worked! All is done.... Whew!

Going to Pick Up My Bribe....... Peanut Butter Balls here I come!

I'm going to pick up my promised peanut butter balls from Carol this afternoon! (and
to stay again for a visit, too!) I was suppose to pick them up on Monday... I did go then,
with the intention of bringing them home with me. But, after our nice long visit, we both
FORGOT them.... duh! How crazy is that? I got all the way home before I remembered!
Let's see if either of us remember them this time!

But, she doesn't have all 100 ready yet.... she has "almost" all of them ready.....
87 so far..... because she ran out of chocolate to cover them! So I'll have to make do
with the 87 for now, until she can get more chocolate.... will I survive? I wonder how
long it will take to go through 87 of them? Hmmm... let's see...

... Since I can only eat 2 at a time, at the most, because they are soooo rich, and even
with sharing some with the hubby..... and I can't have them everyday.... I'm pretty sure
that boils down to lasting at least a couple months :) ..... so I think she has some time
before I "need" the other 13 balls!!

I'll try to post a photo of them very soon!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Never Ending Card Tutorial

In this two-part video series, Tami White from Stampin' Up shows how easy it is to
make a "Never Ending Card". This is super easy to do!

I like her easy tutorial! You can find her templates on her blog OR click
on the "Templates" tab at the top of my blog.

Watch Part 1 on YouTube: HERE

Watch Part 2 on YouTube: HERE

Have fun!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Recipe Boxes

Several years ago, I had purchased a metal Tim Holtz Paint Dauber Storage Box. I only had a few paint daubers at the time, but thought I'd end up getting more. Before I did,
I discovered CTMH!!

Needless to say, that put me on a whole new scrapbooking path.... one with 60 colors that coordinated everything from inks to papers! And when I found out that you can take the reinkers and blend them with paint to get coordinating colored paint, I knew I wouldn't need any more of the paint daubers brand!

After that, I soon discovered that the CTMH reinkers fit perfectly in this storage tin. Only problem was that each tin had only 20 'slots'. You may not think that's a problem, because 60 colors would take exactly 3 storage tins! I had ONE!.... And I thought that I would NEVER get all 60 colors, so my thinking along that line was 'I just need two. That will hold 40 reinkers. That will be enough!' (you're welcome to snicker, snort, gaffaw and/or LOL here!!)

So I had the owner of a LSS hot on a hunt for another one, since she had run out in the store. She ordered one more for me from her supplier. YEAH! Now I had 40 'slots' for reinkers! But before I knew it.... and I mean it snuck up on me, and slapped me
up side o' the head!.... I had ALL 60 colors! So, I needed one more storage tin and I'd be good to go!

Why oh why did I not order 2 of those boxes when I had the chance??? (Frankly, it was stupidity! I should have known better!) Because of course by this time, the boxes had been discontinued, and could no longer be ordered. (insert a big deflating sigh here)

I searched online stores and ebay and everywhere I could think of, all to no avail :(
So I finally decided that I'd have to come up with another "box" on my own!

About that time, I found out that CTMH had a pattern posted to cover their Recipe Box.
Viola! An idea was born!.... So I downloaded the pattern (which did not fit, by the way - too small - so I made my own) and ordered ONE Recipe Box! Before receiving it, a random thought crossed my mind.... "watch the box only hold 18!"

Well, at least I was wrong about that.... it was 14! So, I had to order another box!
I now have space to spare! I can still fit 8 more reinkers in the second box!

Anyway..... here's the result..... (click on photo to see it larger)

I used the stamp set that came with the Triple Play CC - (C1435 Love This) - and random stamped images in Cranberry, Sunflower and Olive in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations on 12x12 White Daisy CS. Then I used my pattern to cut the pieces. Before attaching them to the boxes, I inked the edges of the CS, as well as all the edges of both boxes.
  • On the larger flowers, I was consistent with stamping the 1st generation petals with the 1st generation centers and leaves, and the 2nd generation ones with 2nd generation centers and leaves.
  • On the smaller flowers, I first inked in Sunflower, then rolled edges in Cranberry before stamping on the WD cardstock.
  • On the 'floating' dotted centers, I stamped them first on scratch paper, then rolled the edges again in the same color, before stamping on the CS, to get the image to be lighter in the center (2nd generation) and darker around the edges.

I was inspired by the random stamping on CS that Gloria Rogers had done.

When I post the photos of my scrapbook room, you'll be able to see where these to boxes reside above the 2 Tim Holtz tins!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Wedding Cake for Susi

I am finally done with the Wedding Cake Gift Card Box I made for my friend, Susi!
As you all probably know, this 'cake' was inspired by Tracey Mason's fabulous one with those rolled roses she is so good at making!

Well, try as I might, I could NOT make those roses. My hands cramped after trying just
3 times, and they still didn't even resemble anything close to a rose, lol!..... So, I had to come up with another plan. One that I could do!

I was inspired again... this time by 3 ladies - two CTMH consultants:
1) Connie MacFarlane (see post "Easy Paper Flowers" under 'Flowers' on this page)
2) Mandy Leahy (see post "Carnations" under the 'Flowers' on the same page)

and by Lorinda from Atwater Moon (see post "Itty Bitty Paper Flowers", also under
the 'Flowers' here ).

Now without further a do.... I give you Susi's Wedding Cake! ---- just click on each photo to see it larger!

(Update 10.27.13 - With a new post today, on my latest Wedding Cake Box, I had to revisit this post.... it just occurred to me that I took the photo above before I added the pearls to the top and bottom layers, LOL!)

I made this using Tracey's instructions: 3 nesting paper mache boxes, covered in Colonial White cardstock. The middle layer is embossed using a Sizzix embossing folder in my Cuttlebug! Then several coats of Pearl Paint. The red paper "ribbons" at the bottom of each layer, were added after painting (and before hot-glueing the layers upside-down on top of each other!), as the pearl paint turned the red to pink!

The red flowers and the yellow-orange flowers are not made with CTMH cardstock, because I did not want the white-cored paper for those flowers. So those cardstocks were just from my stash. The colonial white flowers, both carnations and itty bitty's, are inked on the edges in Cranberry - 4 times to get the edges dark enough!

Here are the side and back views:

the left side

right side and back

The next photo is a close-up of the top of the 'cake'. The top carnation is just pinned on with a floral pin and the gift card is down inside a pocket I created and put inside the center of the cake. I cut a slightly wide slit in the top and second layer of the cake to accommodate the gift card pocket. The ribbons under the flower are attached to the gift card. I punched a hole in it (missing the magnetic strip) to put the tie through. After removing the gift card, the flower can be re-attached by just replacing the floral  pin to complete the cake again!

I made the carnations (inspired by Mandy) in 3 different sizes. The large are made exactly as in her tutorial, with 8 layers of the 2" scalloped circle punch. The medium size are done with 7 layers, and just not "fluffed out" as much as the larger one.

For the smallest carnation I actually used part of a Martha Stewart All Over the Page Punch, but it's the equivalent of a 1-1/4" scalloped circle punch. They are made with just 6 layers!

I did try inking the edges first, before spraying with water, which made the ink gradiently bleed toward the center of the petals (cool look!), BUT doing that made the Cranberry ink turn to Sorbet!....  NO KIDDING!! So I had to wait for the flowers to completely dry before inking them!

The yellow-orange flowers (inspired by Connie) are actually a cardstock version of hers! These flowers needed the Liquid Glass to hold together!

I did not have any 12-petalled flowers to fold and use, so I punched out ten 6-petal daisies (yes, 10 for each flower!) - glued 2 together as a base, off-setting the petals, so they ended up with 12 petals! Then folded the other 8 layers like Connie does in her tutorial, put a puddle of Liquid Glass in the center of my base, and glued 7 of them down by putting the folded end toward the center. The eighth folded petal, I glued straight up in the middle!.... Had to hold these puppies together for a minute or two for the glue to set a bit before moving them to the side to dry overnight! Once dry, I separated the petals a little bit to get a fuller look.

The other small red and Cranberry-tipped Colonial White flowers, are the "itty bitty's" inspired by Lorinda, and made exactly like she says in her tutorial!

Here's a closer look at the cascade of flowers. I hope you can see more details in this one:

The leaves were all cut from Olive cardstock, dry embossed lines on the underside for 'veins', then lightly inked the edges and over the top to show the 'veins', with Olive ink.

I covered the hot-glue seam between layers with glitter to help hide the glue.
And the final touch was the Pearl Opaques to adorn the top and bottom layers!
Viola!.... my masterpiece!

I hope you really like this creation I made.... while many were the "trials and errors"
in this endeavor, since it was my first attempt, I feel that it came out beautifully in the
end, and I know Susi will love it!

One last photo - the matching Wedding Card:

So, now that I'm done (and done early by 2 days from my given deadline!), Carol owes me the full 100 gloriously scrumpious peanut butter balls!!!... Get to rolling them Carol!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

HORRORS!!.... I can't believe it --- A Bribe!

As I said at the first of the month, I've been working on my own version of Tracey Mason's
wedding cake gift card box... just wanted to leave a brief update!

Well... I've finally finished the flowers and leaves (at least I "think" I have enough made
for the top and cascade!), but I have to attach them all to the cake. Also, I haven't even
started the matching card, so I still have a bit to go before I can post the results!

My BFF and CTMH consultant, Carol Nicholson, has challenged me to have it completed
by next weekend, and she is actually BRIBING me with a favorite treat of mine....
Peanut Butter Balls (they are covered in chocolate)!.... She has promised me 100 of these delightful little balls - packaged by 10 so I can easily freeze them and pull out a few at a time when needed. YEAH!  :) ..... but only IF I can get the cake finished by next Saturday!

And there is a downside to this (although Carol called it an "incentive"!).... She will deduct 25 PB Balls PER DAY that I'm late!!! Oh my! With everything else I have to do this week, including doctor and eye doctor appointments, I need to use every spare moment I have to get this done, just so I can ship it off to Susi in time, because the wedding is Sept 7! (and I'll also get the full 100 PB Balls! I do share them with my hubby.... he'll probably get one per package!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Faux-Tile Effect

In this tutorial, Christina from Card Making Magic, shows us how to make faux-tile!
It's very easy, and creates a pretty effect. She also finishes a card off and shows a few
more samples she's already completed.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Monday, August 8, 2011

Twisted-Easel Card

Christina from Card Making Magic, shows us a "twist" on an easel card! This makes
a cute variation, and I think I may do all my anniversary cards like this for this year
(Oct-Sep for me.. lol)!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Double-Easel Card

Christina from Card Making Magic shows how to make pretty double-easel cards.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Friday, August 5, 2011

Quad-Easel Cards

Christina, from Card Making Magic, shows how to make these absolutely stunning
quad-easel cards! The possibilities are endless on how to decorate them.... as simple
or elaborate as you like. I love the metallic silver paper she uses on the one in her
tutorial, but be sure to watch until the very end, as she shows a couple other decorated
ones. So very pretty!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Embedded Embossed Image

Beate from Split Coast Stampers shows us this embossing technique. Embedded images
work well with silhouette-type stamps, of which I have a few! (But of course it is not
limited to just those types of stamps.)

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Pretty cool! Below is a sample done on patterned paper:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Look for My Blog!

Since I started my blog, I haven't been quite happy with the way it looked. Some things
were just not quite right! And while I've made some changes along the way, I have been
working on it for quite awhile today, to try to make it "right" in my eyes, and I think
that I'm finally happy with it. (Now remember I said 'I think' - LOL!)..... we'll see!

I have completely changed the heading at the top of my blog to better match my
wallpaper and flowers on the sides. I also changed some gadgets on the sidebar,
and added butterfly dividers there as well!

Please let me know what you think!

Make Clear Embossing Powder into Magical Embossing Powder!

Cynthia Anderson - another Lindy's Stamp Gang designer - shows us how to change
ordinary clear embossing powder into really spectacular Magical Embossing Powder
by using a little glitter and Magical Mica Powders from Lindy's Stamp Gang!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Absolutely beautiful!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Out With the Old - In With the NEW!!

Well, it is August 1st, and the new CTMH Idea Book is available to customers today!

Lots of changes have been made.... some good and others?... well we'll see.

I have been busy making my version of Tracey Mason's fabulous Wedding Cake gift
card box for a friend of mine who's getting married in September! I will post the
final result photos here when I'm finished. I still have to make ALL the flowers! Mine
won't be as lovely as Tracey's was, as it's my first try... or should I say "trial and error"!
But it is made with love and I hope Susi will like it. I must get busy making the
matching card as well!

Be back soon...
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