Saturday, June 8, 2013

Card Making - Just the Basics - Adding Texture

Adding texture in the background of your cards results in a wonderful effect.... and can be done in different ways.

You can create striped lines by just using a score board and scoring tool. Or even use metal embossing plates with a design to dry hand-emboss. But the most popular these days is to use embossing folders and a die-cutting machine. There are so many designs out there on the market for embossing folders, that you're sure to find some to your liking.

In this video tutorial, see how the pretty embossed background makes such a statement, rather than if the paper was just left plain. 

As an added bonus, Christina shows how to make a card stand to display the large card. (A separate video on making different card stands will follow this post in a couple days.)

Watch on YouTube: HERE

*** NOTE: When purchasing embossing folders, you can choose  from other companies than from just the same brand as your die-cutting machine.... just be sure that the size of the folder will fit through it. I have a Cuttlebug with both the regular plates and the extended length plates, so it will fit any folder that is not more than 6" wide!

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