Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My ScrapRoom - part 2

Apparently the first part is too long, so I must break this "room" in half! :)

Moving on around to the right from the closet is the shorter wall with the window and my "Paula's Space" sign. Then on around is this:

This section of shelves from the corner to over my table (next photo) was the last thing my DH installed for me! These shelves hold binders of templates, my embossing gun holder my hubby made me... for hands free embossing!... lots of ribbon containers, my Creative Cafe embellishments, the bling box I covered with Magnifique (see here.), and my cardboard spritz box with my Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays. The red baskets up top hold embossing gun, powders, and supplies, and the other holds all my non-CTMH ink pads and reinkers, like Versamark and Stazon. On the floor are side-by-side racks I purchased from a LSS when they went out of business. I use it to store my 12x12 chipboard, all my CTMH Idea Books, and a few other miscellaneous flat items.

Next photo is of the other half of the newest shelves which are located over my table end above the extra box of markers on my desk. These shelves hold all my CTMH stamp sets and Acrylix Block Organizer Case, as well as my 8x8 papers and border CS strips.

You may be able to tell by looking at the bottom shelf, that these shelves fit 2 deep of the My Acrylix Organizer boxes... and yes... all but one of them are 2 deep and all are full or almost full.... 15 boxes with over 200 stamp sets and counting!! Am I insane or what! LOL!

In this next photo, you will see the first shelving unit my hubby built for me:

It was too wide to get a straight-on shot, so I had to take it at an angle. It stands 7 feet high and over 5 feet long! My chair sits right next to this, so everything low is within hands-reach! I store all of my larger tools like paper cutters, Crop-A-Dile and Big Bite, and smaller ones I don't keep in my desk caddy, in the wider drawers on the bottom left. Adhesives go in the 3-drawer middle section, and more tools I don't use as often and my smaller punches are in the 3-drawer right section... then my paper shredder!

Storage on the shelf above hold stickers, rub-ons and other embellishments. The next shelf up holds 4 containers full of photos waiting to be scrapped, my E-size SS, a zippered decorative scissors case, an extra stamp pad tower, and 6 of the CTMH little jar cases with... what else?... CTMH embelly's!!

The two skinny shelves above that hold sectioned boxes of all the other brands embelly's - brads, buttons, and more! Top shelf has more storage drawers, chalk box, and 2 boxes for card-making supplies and finished cards. I actually have an empty space about 8 inches wide for growth! LOL! :)

Next is an old cd holder that Brad painted to match. It holds two storage tins for CTMH items too large for the little jars like waxy flax (one decorated in Bella Paper - see here), all 60 reinkers in 4 different boxes (see two of them here), 6 clear jars of all my CTMH buttons, some paint daubers, and stamp sets from other companies in the pink box on the bottom shelf.

Above this little shelf, are more shelves that stretch from the large shelving unit to the corner. They hold my Cuttlebug and supplies, my Distress inks and paints, dimensional paint, Mudd Puddles, binder of brass stencils, idea catalogs, metal impress set, and all 6 of the CTMH Books.

Then on the side wall, also up in that corner, is the 'tall' work station table/storage unit my hubby had first made when he made the large shelving unit:

This is angled more so you can see the beautiful wood top he made!

This is also my major paper storage area --- Brad made this tall enough for the 3 rolling paper carts to go easily under it, and it is almost 4 feet tall... which is perfect standing work-level for me since I'm 6'1". Those carts hold all non-CTMH cardstock and loose patterned papers, as well as all my specialty papers.... mulberry, vellum, mosaic, overlays, etc. All 4 of my carts are stuffed, and I can't fit anything else into them!

On the shelf above the carts, are all my CTMH paper packs and cardstock! To put this in perspective, this unit is 6 feet long! Starting in the middle of that shelf, I have a few sets of more specailty papers I could not fit in the carts below.... these have windows pre-cut in them for custom matting of photos!

From the center to the left, are all the CTMH Level 1&2 Paper Packs I've acquired over the last 2 years.... many older ones through Carol off the Buy/Sell Bulletin Board (pre-2009 sets!) I have these separated by Cropper Hopper Paper Files. I love these because they are actually tabbed pockets, 3 per set, so I can put the paper set name on the tabs, and each pocket holds the scraps! I have these alphabetized from Bella to You Rock!

From the center to the right, are all 60 of the CTMH cardstock colors, separated the same way. I did use another of the CS color swatches and cut a strip of each to fold over each tab, so I can see the colors from both directions without having to look at the color names. I did not use the swatch part with the color name on it this time, like I did for the sponges, because the words are too small to see, so I wrote the color name on them in large print.

Above this workspace is another Ott-Lite attached to a wall-mounted board housing 144 embellishment bins that are about 3"x3".
If you look closely, they all have something in them!
Not an empty one!

And as you can see by the light switches in the photo above, we are finally back at the door! But one final photo I just can't leave out....

This is Bear... our daughter's Rotty that we gave her just before
her final semester of college. After she graduated and came home,
he's been with us ever since! Apartments won't take
120 lb Rottweilers! Even a sweet boy like this!

So even though she's lived in 3 different states since then,
Bear has been my scrapbooking companion!

I hope you've enjoyed the 2-part tour of my scrapbook room. And maybe, just maybe, I've given someone a storage idea they can use as well!

Thanks for stopping in! :)


Jennifer Payami said...

Great Room Paula!!!

Paula said...

Thanks Jennifer!... I really love it! And it works well for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula, I am Pam's sis in law that wrote you and got you two in touch. She sent me this address and i love it. I have such a small work space and do most of my work at a once a month away from home site that my stuff is mostly in rolling carts to haul with me. but Second it is a dining room and crammed including a exercise bike that is full of dust so it tells you how often I use it. but this is informative to see how you have done this. I esp like the towel racks for the punches. but there is so much there it is hard to say. My work space is a card table and not much room. I need better stations like yours for pens, glue, etc...to be there for easier access. Well thanks you gave me much to chew on in how to make my space more workable. Thanks for sharing this with us. Anita

Paula said...

Hi Anita! I'm glad Pam sent you my blog address! Thanks again for helping us long-lost cousins to get in touch! Glad you tracked me down! :)

I'm glad you have your 'get-aways' to get things done! I too used to scrap, etc on the dining table! I am so blessed now to have my own "Space" and a wonderful hubby who puts up with all my storage requests!

Feel free to look around my blog and use it for any references that may help you with a project! Be sure to check the postings under the "Labels" in my sidebar too, as not all my posts are on my 'Techniques & Tutorials" page tab at the top.

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