Monday, August 22, 2011

Recipe Boxes

Several years ago, I had purchased a metal Tim Holtz Paint Dauber Storage Box. I only had a few paint daubers at the time, but thought I'd end up getting more. Before I did,
I discovered CTMH!!

Needless to say, that put me on a whole new scrapbooking path.... one with 60 colors that coordinated everything from inks to papers! And when I found out that you can take the reinkers and blend them with paint to get coordinating colored paint, I knew I wouldn't need any more of the paint daubers brand!

After that, I soon discovered that the CTMH reinkers fit perfectly in this storage tin. Only problem was that each tin had only 20 'slots'. You may not think that's a problem, because 60 colors would take exactly 3 storage tins! I had ONE!.... And I thought that I would NEVER get all 60 colors, so my thinking along that line was 'I just need two. That will hold 40 reinkers. That will be enough!' (you're welcome to snicker, snort, gaffaw and/or LOL here!!)

So I had the owner of a LSS hot on a hunt for another one, since she had run out in the store. She ordered one more for me from her supplier. YEAH! Now I had 40 'slots' for reinkers! But before I knew it.... and I mean it snuck up on me, and slapped me
up side o' the head!.... I had ALL 60 colors! So, I needed one more storage tin and I'd be good to go!

Why oh why did I not order 2 of those boxes when I had the chance??? (Frankly, it was stupidity! I should have known better!) Because of course by this time, the boxes had been discontinued, and could no longer be ordered. (insert a big deflating sigh here)

I searched online stores and ebay and everywhere I could think of, all to no avail :(
So I finally decided that I'd have to come up with another "box" on my own!

About that time, I found out that CTMH had a pattern posted to cover their Recipe Box.
Viola! An idea was born!.... So I downloaded the pattern (which did not fit, by the way - too small - so I made my own) and ordered ONE Recipe Box! Before receiving it, a random thought crossed my mind.... "watch the box only hold 18!"

Well, at least I was wrong about that.... it was 14! So, I had to order another box!
I now have space to spare! I can still fit 8 more reinkers in the second box!

Anyway..... here's the result..... (click on photo to see it larger)

I used the stamp set that came with the Triple Play CC - (C1435 Love This) - and random stamped images in Cranberry, Sunflower and Olive in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations on 12x12 White Daisy CS. Then I used my pattern to cut the pieces. Before attaching them to the boxes, I inked the edges of the CS, as well as all the edges of both boxes.
  • On the larger flowers, I was consistent with stamping the 1st generation petals with the 1st generation centers and leaves, and the 2nd generation ones with 2nd generation centers and leaves.
  • On the smaller flowers, I first inked in Sunflower, then rolled edges in Cranberry before stamping on the WD cardstock.
  • On the 'floating' dotted centers, I stamped them first on scratch paper, then rolled the edges again in the same color, before stamping on the CS, to get the image to be lighter in the center (2nd generation) and darker around the edges.

I was inspired by the random stamping on CS that Gloria Rogers had done.

When I post the photos of my scrapbook room, you'll be able to see where these to boxes reside above the 2 Tim Holtz tins!

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