Thursday, August 25, 2011

Going to Pick Up My Bribe....... Peanut Butter Balls here I come!

I'm going to pick up my promised peanut butter balls from Carol this afternoon! (and
to stay again for a visit, too!) I was suppose to pick them up on Monday... I did go then,
with the intention of bringing them home with me. But, after our nice long visit, we both
FORGOT them.... duh! How crazy is that? I got all the way home before I remembered!
Let's see if either of us remember them this time!

But, she doesn't have all 100 ready yet.... she has "almost" all of them ready.....
87 so far..... because she ran out of chocolate to cover them! So I'll have to make do
with the 87 for now, until she can get more chocolate.... will I survive? I wonder how
long it will take to go through 87 of them? Hmmm... let's see...

... Since I can only eat 2 at a time, at the most, because they are soooo rich, and even
with sharing some with the hubby..... and I can't have them everyday.... I'm pretty sure
that boils down to lasting at least a couple months :) ..... so I think she has some time
before I "need" the other 13 balls!!

I'll try to post a photo of them very soon!

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