Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Friend..... The Bride-To-Be!

It's not a very good quality photo, but isn't she lovely? She's the prettiest Grandma I know!

This is my friend, Susi, for whom I made the Wedding Cake Gift Card Box!

We've been friends a long, long time..... I look it! But she on the other hand hasn't
changed much in the 22 years I've known her. Her son was almost one when we met
and her daughter was not even a twinkle in her daddy's eye back then! My kids were
about 8yrs and 6yrs old at the time.... boy, time flies by!

Anyway.... I wanted to tell her what a wonderful  honor she has bestowed upon me!
The "cake" I made her arrived, and she liked it so much, that she is having her actual
wedding cake made like it! I was so shocked... I was moved to tears! Happy ones!
And I was so happy she loved the "wedding cake" I made for her and Greg. :)

She said she sent in a photo of it on Friday, so the bakery would know what to make!
And she also said she is going to have my gift at the reception so the guests will know
what inspired her own REAL cake!..... This just blows me away! I never expected
such an honor! She is such a sweetheart! Greg is a lucky man! I hope he knows it.

Thank you, Susi, for this great honor and for being my friend all these years!
I wish many happy ones for you and Greg in the future.

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