Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ya Ya Sister's Diet

My daughter sent this to me and that in itself is so AMAZING! She never... and I do mean NEVER, sends me what she deems "trivial" emails. :) 
But this time, she said she "just had to" because it made her laugh so much! (I think it's because she is pregnant... with cravings! She has always watched her weight, working out everyday, and I know she doesn't want to gain too much with the baby!) But for whatever reasons it made her laugh, I'm happy she sent it, because it made me laugh, too:)

I hope you have a good chuckle, too!

The Ya Ya Sister's Diet

1 grapefruit
1 slice whole wheat toast
1 cup skim milk

1 small portion lean, steamed chicken
1 cup spinach
1 cup herbal tea
1 Hershey's kiss

Afternoon Tea
The rest of the Hershey Kisses in the bag
1 tub of Hagen-Daaz ice cream with chocolate chips

4 glasses of wine (red or white)
2 loaves garlic bread
1 family size supreme pizza
3 Snickers Bars

Late Night Snack
1 whole Sarah Lee cheesecake (eaten directly from the freezer)

Stressed spelled backward is desserts.

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