Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spectacular Clouds Over Mt Rainier!!

Someone sent me the following photos in an email today. They are so spectacular that I wanted to share them. They were taken from a Cessna by Scott Sistek.

THIS IS AWESOME, Enjoy - 14,411ft.

This is the information that was sent with them:

On Feb 3rd 2012...

Those of us NOT living in Tacoma, WA or surrounding areas, will appreciate these pictures…. take a look at some of these incredible clouds captured over Mt. Rainier!

Gig Harbor

Those are called "lenticular clouds". They're caused when the winds blow over Mt. Rainier in just the right way! The air gets pushed upward, where it cools and condenses into these clouds. Depending on the winds, you can get some amazing cloud formations !

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