Monday, September 9, 2013

Beautiful and Modern Wedding Invitations

Awhile back, I got my sister stuck on paper crafting.... cards, scrapbook layouts, etc. Her only child just got married, and she wanted to make their wedding invitations for them, so her DIL-to-be described what she wanted, and I showed her how to go about making them. 

This is what we came up with:

Derek wanted a red & black wedding, not because of the elegance of those two colors, but because he is a huge Texas Tech fan, LOL!

Sandea, on the other hand, loves purple and zebra print!! But because she loves my nephew, too, she compromised her purple for a red, black and white wedding, so her zebra print fit right in, and Derek still had his beloved Texas Tech color scheme! Besides.... her dress was white, so everything came together just fine. (They even special ordered zebra-print converse shoes with red laces for the footwear! Strange to me, but totally normal to them!)

The writing was done in Word and printed on 24lb white paper. My sister was so excited to find zebra envelopes online (from Hobby Lobby). The red cardstock came pre-cut from LCI Paper ( The little red sparkles are actually flat stickers called "Jewel Dazzles" from Paper Wishes, also online.  I know the zebra ribbon was an online purchase as well, but I just can't remember where we ordered it from :( 

We think they turned out pretty well. She made them all by herself, after my initial help with the design, and for a relative newbie in paper crafting, I think she did a wonderful job on them. :) 

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