Saturday, July 13, 2013

COLORING CLASS - How to Blend Colors

In this Coloring Class, Christina shows us several ways to blend colors on to your background papers using blender blocks with pads or felt. She uses both Distress Inks and Alcohol Inks for these ideas.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Some of these ideas are for multi-color shading around your colored images. Other ideas are for making gorgeous background papers. Christina uses a variety of papers here, including cardstock, acetate, and mirricard. 

Well, this was the final Coloring Class for this series. 
I may be posting more classes in the future, which I will just add with the same 'tag/label', so that all tutorials about coloring will be together under the "Tutorials - COLORING CLASS" label in my sidebar.

I hope this was beneficial to some of you... I know I learned a few things along the way!

Thanks for stopping in and following these coloring tutorials. :)  

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Alyson Mayo said...

Hi Paula,
I have been away from Pinterest for some time... sick and awaiting major surgery on August 22, teaching at Convention again and I recently dealt with a very severe domestic assault that nearly took my life. Now that I am partially functioning again,I am trying to catch up on the boards that I had up to date (with many thanks to you who ALWAYS keep them up to date..) but you have inspired me to start some additional boards of photography - you have the most beautiful collection of places, animals and unusual things I have ever seen! I hope you are ok if I pin a pile of these photos as they are just so awe inspiring and they absolutely bring tears to my eyes with all I have been through the past month. It would mean so much to me.
Thank you for all you do to inspire others. Since I returned from Florida, my bundles are still in their boxes and I have only so far been able to craft one thing and that has been for the SOTM Blog Hop coming up at the end of the month. It is going to take me a long time to get back into the swing of things, I think.
Again, thank you for all that you do to inspire others.

Alyson Mayo
CTMH Consultant

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