Sunday, July 7, 2013

COLORING CLASS - Creating a Cloudy Sky

Since Christina mentioned coloring a cloudy sky in her last video tutorial, I wanted to show a way to do it. I found a video using Copic markers.... but the same technique can be applied to the Spectrum Noir pens. 

Watch on YouTube: HERE
(This video is by Annika Ryan. The music is a little too loud in
some places, but they get it straightened out)

You'll just have to experiment with the Spectrum Noir colors to figure out which ones to use for the shading, but I'd start with the very lightest blue - TB1 - to color the spaces around the clouds. 

The next Coloring Class will will show how to work with just the Greens...
for coloring a Dragon..... or it could also be good for coloring frogs!

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