Monday, January 2, 2012


My so-called "short hiatus" has taken much longer than originally anticipated, and I'm still going to be tied up for at least most of January. So I just wanted to pop in to give you an explanation as to why I've been gone so long.

The family crisis I've been involved in since the end of October is actually a crisis for my only sibling --- my loving and wonderful, older sister. On October 30th, her husband disappeared along with their son, WHILE SHE WAS IN THE SHOWER! To this day, we have no idea where they are.

Besides being her shoulder to cry on and her only family support, I have been trying to help her to move forward with her life. Everything has changed for her in an instant of time. Her life is upside-down.

Her husband did not even leave her enough money in the bank to pay the mortgage, let alone anything else. He had bad credit, so absolutely EVERYTHING is in her name..... the house, both vehicles, the utilities, etc. etc. She has a panic disorder which also makes it very hard for her. And she hasn't worked in almost 25 years because of it.

She has had to get a job and move out of a 2200 square foot home into one room... a bedroom. So she has had to go through everything, a lifetime of stuff, and decide what to move, what to store (a friend is storing a few things for free, so she doesn't have any storage costs), and the rest, which is the bulk of it, I have been trying to get ready for an Estate Sale which is currently scheduled for the 20th-21st of this month. I'm no where near ready, so might have to postpone it, but I hope not. They'll be foreclosing soon, and we need to get everything out first!

It's been a struggle for me because I have some medical issues to deal with including heart problems, which keep getting in the way! I've at least got to be able to drive over there to unlock the door so others can help! My BFF, who was helping me, is now in the hospital herself and will be there for the next 3-6 weeks! But with the help of more friends, I'm hoping to get back on track, if my heart will just let me! I keep telling it to wait until later, but it hasn't listened yet, LOL! My heart stuff upsets my sister even more, because she thinks I'm going to end up having a heart attack over all this, which doesn't help the situation.

I wish we could sell the house and get her the equity out of it, but since we live in a community property state, to sell it, we have to have his signature even though it's in her maiden name, and she owned it prior to the marriage! This has been the biggest mess and of course has now ruined her great credit as well. Anyway.....

That's the short of it. I'll get back to blogging asap. Until then, take care of yourselves.

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Scrappin Thread said...

Hugs to you and your sister! I'm so sorry that she is going through this nightmare. The awesome thing is that she has someone as wonderful as you to help her through all of this. Good luck with the estate sale and everything else, too! Stay healthy! Beverly Tiemann

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