Friday, June 24, 2011

Super Easy Accordian Flowers using 2 scalloped circles

These scalloped flowers are 'easy, peasy' as Mandy Leahy says! Cute accordian flowers that really are super simple to make. Instead of using the normal paper strips, Mandy uses 2 scalloped circles she has punched out....
what could be simpler than that?

Since the flower's finished size will depend on the diameter of the punch used, that means that I'll have to buy more sizes of scalloped circle punches! LOL! (like I need an excuse!) But for now, since I only have a 2" size, I'll have to make due. In the meantime, if I want another size of flower, I'll just have to use the paper strip method - those will end
up twice the width of my strip.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

P.S. ---- Just a final note --- these do not have as many pleats as the ones made with paper strips, so they have a 'softer' look!

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