Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Accordian Flower Rosettes

This tutorial by Lisa Stenz is great! She shows us just how easy these flowers are to make and gives us tips along the way.

1) like making multiples using the Martha Stewart Score Board (which I have, yeah!)
2) how a "quick-drying" glue works well in making the rosette stay put!
3) that the length and width of paper strips, plus the increments of your score lines,
     determine the size of the flower rosette

As you watch, note:
1) the "mountain" and "valley" folds of the accordian, and how those need to be facing
     when glueing strips together (because you may need to cut off one scored section to
     have them fit together properly)
2) why having your "backside" circle base piece ready to go is essential!
3) which way the paper is facing for your "face-up" side to show (Lisa does this
     OPPOSITE of everyone else I've seen and it looks SO MUCH EASIER!)

Watch on YouTube: HERE

I love this! Thanks so much, Lisa!

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