Monday, July 24, 2017

Pair of Anniversary Cards for Cousins

My nephew's wedding was 364 days after my son's wedding (the cousins)..... which means their anniversaries are just a day apart each year! 

That's a benefit, cause every year now I make their cards at the same time. My sister joins me, and we each usually make the same 2 cards for our boys and their wives, just making sure we send them opposite so they don't end up with the same card design from us both!

(click on photo to view larger image)

For their past anniversaries, we made these cards with our daughter-in-laws in mind. We definitely made "girly cards, and we did them in their favorite colors.... pink (for my DIL) & purple (for her DIL). BUT these we sent opposite! My sister made and sent the pink one to her nephew (aka my son) and his wife, and I made the purple one for my nephew (aka her son) and his wife...... confused yet?

Anyway... the photo above shows both cards, but it doesn't do justice to all the glittery goodness down the right side of each. It's just plain hard to photograph glitter! A stencil was used on the white part of background and edge cut with a die. The focals are 3D decoupage layers. We added a few sequins, stamped "Happy Anniversary" on the inside and called it done!

Here's a pic of the card I made:

Well thanks for stopping by and putting up with my nonsense! :)

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