Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Recycled Cards

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These sparkly dotted card fronts used to be ONE big card. It was a card given to me by a friend and since I only keep store-bought cards displayed for a very short period of time, I decided it was just too cheery to throw away.... so I recycled!! (Yay... less in the land-fill!)

I cut off the card front and then just cut it in half and attached each piece to another card base. Of course, by doing that, the original sentiment on the front ended up on just one card, so I stamped the "pssst..." on a matching scrap, punched it out and popped it up with dimensional pop dots on the other card.

Then I stamped the sentiment on the same color scrap, punched it out and attached it to the inside. Both are from the Stampin' Up Happy Watercolors set.... Easy-peasy!!

Now on this next one, I did absolutely nothing on the front except glue it to the new card base... can't get any simpler than that, LOL!

The inside of this one couldn't be simpler either, because it's from the original card as well.... I just cut out the sentiment and attached it inside the new card!

So now I have 2 "new" colorful, cheerful, encouraging cards ready to send to friends when I need them.

I hope this inspires some of you to stop and re-think before just throwing away cards you've received.... try recycling!

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