Monday, September 1, 2014

Wedding Easel

We needed a sign of some sort, for the instructions on how to use the little message cards for the Guest Book. I had thought about typing up the instructions and putting them in a pretty frame on the table beside the book, but decided it needed to be double-sided since the table will not be up against a wall. 

This is what we came up with:

Sorry the photo is blurry.... (note to self: do not try to take photos when hands are shaky, lol!).... Anyway, I took the photo in a mirror to try to show the back easel. It is lower because it sits on the easel frame, but I think it will do the job.

While the Guest Book table might end up under a tree somewhere, it will be able to be accessed from both sides. With the 4 decorated navy gel pens available to use, more than one person could be sharing their well wishes or advice at one time.

So I thought a double-sided easel with chalkboards would fill the bill.... and my hubby found this wooden table-top easel at Walmart. It was unfinished, so he painted it white to match the Guest Book Box holding the mini-cards, pens, and envelope seals. He also found 2 small chalkboards and painted those frames as well.

Here's a little clearer view that's also closer up:

I decorated each easel with a simple corner floral and bow accent. Again I painted the originally white roses from I Am Roses with Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays. I blended a few colors to get the right color of mint. 

Here's a close up of the flowers after I painted them. They are not put into the corner arrangement yet, but I wanted you to see how they sparkle... I just love Lindy's Starbust sprays!

(click on the photos to see larger)

The only thing is that I took this photo with my cell phone and the bigger blue rose turned out more like a royal blue on my monitor instead of the NAVY color it really is.... so frustrating! I wonder if I'll ever get this color thing figured out since I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Oh well, such is life! :)

I will use a chalk marker to write on the chalkboards so the instructions can't be just rubbed off like regular chalk. 

I hope you like this, as much love is going into all these projects for our only daughter. And I love that I can share them here and maybe inspire some creativity in others.

Thanks for stopping by again today. 

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