Saturday, August 16, 2014

In Memory of...


This is our baby (a 118 pound baby)! At least this was him 3 years ago when this photo was taken... which is one of my favorite pics. Fast forward to this year and he has a lot more gray on his muzzle.

A Rottweiler that stole everyone's heart... such a sweet boy! And smart as a whip.... without a doubt, the BEST dog we've ever had. He has broken me from ever wanting another dog, because it wouldn't be him. There's not another that could ever live up to him!

Bear would have been 10 years old in October, but yesterday we had to say goodbye to our sweet baby boy. It was late, and a very rough ending to an otherwise 'normal' day. Today I've have shed many, many, many tears and my heart is broken :(

He will be sorely missed, but forever in our hearts. 

Goodbye Bear 

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