Friday, May 31, 2013

Card Making - Just the Basics - Weights and Sizes

Anyone new to card making out there? Then this is for you! There might even be some tips for those more experienced.... I know I learned a couple things!  :)

I'm going to start a series on the basics of card-making, which will include using the right paper and size for the job, how to choose your colors, texturing, using mats and layers, creating card stands, how to tie bows, etc. ... even coloring images, either stamped or digital (digi's). I'll also include any relevant information or tips when necessary. I'm calling this series Card Making- Just the Basics.

I'll be using videos by Christina Griffiths from Card-Making-Magic, as there is no need to re-invent the wheel, LOL! And she IS the Queen of Card Making in my book.... she creates lovely cards!

In this first one, Christina covers what papers she herself uses for the different aspects of her cards. Each paper weight has a different function that works very well. I have put some conversion information below the video for the card weights we usually use here in the States.

**** NOTE ***  She also covers what the "leading edge" of a card is and why it's needed, as well as demonstrating a useful way to include sentiment inserts inside the cards.

Now, on to the first video........ Weights and Sizes:

One correction to her video - she says our letter size
here in the USA , is 8.25" x 11.5".... but it is really 8.5" x 11" :)

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Since she didn't know the equivalent weights of paper I did some research.
These paper weights are what I found to be our (USA) closest in equivalence:
1) Tissue Paper is Tissue Paper, LOL!
2) Card insert (inside sentiment) --- 80gsm copy paper is approx 22-lb copy paper
         (I prefer 24-lb)
3) Print digital papers and images to color --- 160gsm smooth is approx 60-lb cover weight cardstock (“card” as she calls it!) …. 65-lb is a more standard weight for us, but 80-lb is more popular… they both come in different colors and textures besides just ‘smooth’
4) Card base and die-cuts --- 270gsm heavy ‘card’ is approx 100-lb heavy cover weight cardstock (I prefer 110-lb)…. BUT.... 80-lb is heavy enough when putting more layers on the front of the card!
5) Mirricard, glittered etc. --- 300+ gsm super heavy ‘card’ is anywhere from  120-lb and up cover weight cardstock

I hope this helped in some way and you enjoyed it enough to follow along with this series.
Let me know if there is something else about card making that you want to know,
and I'll see if I can get you the answers.

Thanks for stopping by.... please come again :) 

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