Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pay It Forward Game - Spread the LOVE

Pay it forward is a great thing to do!
On Aug 26, 2012, I participated in a "Pay It Forward" blog post at
Scramping with Carol. I was one of the first few people to respond, and as such, I will receive a handmade gift from Carol Labuski (a woman I don't personally know - but I follow her blog, since she always has wonderful creations posted!)... AND I won't even know exactly when it will arrive!... Won't that be awesome?!!! With my brain, I'll totally forget all about it and when the gift comes, I really will be surprised! lol :)
Rules of the game - and you know there are some :) 
They are as follows:
1. To the first 3 people to comment on this post.... I will send a
     surprise gift!*  This gift will be handmade by me and I will send
     it sometime within the next year (yep... 365 days!) 
     Exactly when... well... that will be a surprise!

2. To sign up to receive a gift from me, you must play along, too.
    Share the love on your blog ("pay it forward") by promising to
    send a handmade goodie to the first 3 people who comment on
    your blog post.

3. Of course to do #2, you MUST have a blog!

4. After commenting on my post, you must post this Pay It Forward
     game on your blog to spread the love. If you haven’t posted it
     within 48 hours, then the next commenter will be chosen.

If you want to join in and spread the love around, just comment below and then post the Pay It Forward game on your blog.... AND if you’re one of the first 3 to comment, I’ll send you something before the end of August next year!

* (Sorry, I can't afford overseas shipping) Open to residents in the U.S. or Canada only

1 comment:

Alyson Mayo said...

Hi Paula,
I think I have mentioned this before but you have no email access anywhere... it is impossible to leave you a message except through your blog posts.

I finally had to seek help through a web designer to repair my blog - he went through all the coding and everything, which is likely why you cna pin from my blog now. The problem was caused from a background I had downloaded from a site called Hot Bliggity Blog - supposedly a freebie - don't ever go there. It will screw up your blog in a major way. It cost me some $$ to get it repaired but not as much as it would have cost to start all over again so it was worth it in the end. It is almost all repaired now and back to normal, for which I am SO thankful!

Thanks for your patience in all of this! I really appreciate that most of all!


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