Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Braided Ribbon Tutorial

In this video, Christina from Card Making Magic, demonstrates how to make a beautiful braided ribbon to use as an embellishment on cards (or pages)! So pretty :)

She also really makes sure you understand the correct way to braid, by going over it several times... so once you get the hang of it, skip ahead to about 5:05 minutes into the video. She'll show you there how to "finish"
the braid.

Then she again makes a one of her specialty cards using her braid...
(oh BTW... they must have awfully BIG "normal" size cards in the UK! This is the second 8x8 card she's made recently, and she speaks of having her card base ready 'just folded in half'... so they must have some 16" cardstock there to fold in half for an 8" card! Awesome!)

Watch on YouTube: HERE

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