Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vintage Mulberry Flowers with Skeleton Leaves

Arlene - one of the designers at Lindy's Stamp Gang - shows us how to make lovely vintage mulberry flowers and color-altered skeleton leaves, using the wonderful products that they have.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Monday, July 18, 2011

Diamond-Fold (or Spring-Fold) Card

Christina from Card Making Magic shows us how to make this Spring-Fold Card ---
which I've always called the Diamond-Fold Card. I have a template for one saved on
Photobucket, but I wanted to have this video tutorial as well (makes things easier for
this old brain, to actually "see" and not just try to visualize! LOL!)

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Making Card Boxes (in place of an envelope)!

Christina, from Card Making Magic, shows us how to make beautiful boxes to hold
cards with dimensional height, that just won't go into regular flat envelopes.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Jen's Master's Graduation" - My First Try with Studio J!

In June, CTMH offered one FREE jpg file of a digital layout made on their online
scrapbooking design studio website - Studio J.

This was my first attempt at making a digital layout, and while I think it came out "OK",
I did make a few mistakes. My first mistake was NOT re-watching Amy Ulen's Studio J tutorials before I started... If I had, the mistakes I see would NOT exist!!!

Oh well... I'm just putting this down as my 1st attempt and trying to let go ;)  ahhhhh!

This is our youngest - Jennifer. She graduated with a Master's Degree in Chemistry
(she's a very smart young lady!) in December 2008.... I haven't even done her
Bachelor's Graduation in May 2005 from Radford University in Virginia!
(I'm so far behind!!)

Here's a closer view.... now you'll probably be able to pick out the mistakes, too! LOL

Verdigris Patina Technique - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

Tresa shows us how easy it is to create an aged Copper Patina (Verdigris) image with
LSG and CTMH products! This is another Fabulously Artsy technique!

Watch video tutorial on YouTube: HERE

Shop for LSG products:

And the WINNER is..... "Share Your Story" - by Tresa Black

Tresa Black has won the Share the Love: Studio J contest by CTMH!
Below is her fantastic, heartwarming video on how important it is to remember the little
things, as well as the important milestones in life, and to be able to hand those treasured
memories down to generations to come, which is what scrapbooking is all about.

Studio J is CTMH's online program for digital layouts, making it easier and faster
to catch up on capturing life's precious moments.

Grab a box of Kleenex before watching this video... you'll need it!

Tresa... you did an absolutely FABULOUS job on this...
Thanks for letting us share it.

Cheater Bows - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

Tresa's "cheater" bows are quick, easy and use less ribbon than traditional bows. You can "cheat" with a brad or glue dots.... use thick or thin ribbons and fibers...... and even "cheat" on your wrap! These are Fabulously Artsy, and sshhh.... no one will know that you didn't tie a perfect bow!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Sponge Daubing - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

Create multi-color stamped images with sponges! Have fun with your sponges --- by blending color directly onto your stamp for a soft, blended effect using the sponge daubing technique! Tresa shows us some Fabulously Artsy techniques in this video to achieve multi-colored results!

Remember that for best results when using dye inkpads, ink your stamp in the lightest color first, then apply the darker or brighter colors by sponge daubing. This keeps your inkpads clean. Also remember to clean your stamp between inkings!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Bandana Technique Card - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

Learn two ways to create the bandana look -- 1) "resist" using a white colored pencil, and 2) perfect dots with acrylic paint and an embossing stylus. Tresa shows us how easy it is to add these "white" accents to color-patterned backgrounds to achieve the "bandana" look! She also makes a pretty sparkly Thank You card with the finished piece, and embellishes the card with bling, glitter. liquid glass, and stitches!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Copy Paper Ruffles - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

Create your own custom paper pleated ruffles with copy paper, stamps and inks. Tresa shows us this Fabulously Artsy, and inexpensive embellishment idea, where you can perfectly coordinate ruffles to your project every time --- you will always have the perfect paper! (Psst!... another benefit is that the ink saturated paper becomes softer and easier to manipulate, yet will still hold its shape.) And as usual, she makes a card with the ruffles, that is so cute, and decorates it with stamps, watercoloring, bling, liquid glass, and a damask background she stamps herself!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Painting with Bleach - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

This is a cool technique that the Fabulously Artsy, Ms. Tresa Black, shows us how to do in this video tutorial!
(Please watch and then read the posting under the video for more information
about working with bleach, before attempting this technique)

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Bleach Stamping - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

In this video, Tresa shows us how to use bleach to stamp on dye inks. With this technique, you create a 'disposable' paper towel bleach pad, and she
includes tips on using dye inks with white-core (printed) cardstock.

Some other things to know --- bleach loses its bleaching properties when exposed to air. If your bleach is old, it may not be as effective. Your home-made bleach pad will last for a couple hours, depending on your bleach. Refresh with more bleach, or make a new pad if it's not bleaching quickly (or you may need to even replace your bleach). Discard your paper towel bleach pad when finished. Make a new one for each stamping session.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Make sure you WASH your stamps very well - immediately after stamping session. Use plain water and rinse well. If you are going to be stamping/scrapping/card making, rinse your stamps first and then finish your project... don't wait until you done working.

Tresa says that she has had no noticable effects on her scrapbook pages and she has used this technique for years! The bleach loses its properties after 24 hours exposed to air, so you may want to wait a day if using a bleach-stamped area under any photos. If you're still concerned about your photos, use buffered cardstocks to mat them before placing over the bleached area.

Please read the bleach bottle precautions and use common sense - like protecting the area where you will be bleaching and use a well ventilated space.

Bagalope - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

Hunting for the perfect party favor? Create a bagalope!..... A quick, easy and
inexpensive mini gift bag for a small gift or treats, made from an envelope!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Random stamp the envelope for that Fabulously Artsy look!

Glitter 'n Tape - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

Tresa shows us some Fabulously "Glittery" (aka Artsy!) techniques in this video, that
are so easy to add lots of bling to any project! From glitter shapes and backgrounds, to see-thru windows and borders, she covers it all in this video!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Paper Roses - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

In this Fabulously Artsy video, Tresa shows a slightly different technique (than the
other paper roses videos I've saved) to get these lovely paper roses.... Water!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Watercolor Shading - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

In this quick video, Tresa shows just how really easy it is to achieve a watercolor effect!

Watch on YouTube:HERE

See that was easy, right? And so Fabulously Artsy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gel Card - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess)

In this video, we learn how to make Fabulously Artsy gel cards! But I wouldn't send
these through the mail.... ooooh! What a mess that would make and the Postmaster
may be very upset with you!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Swinger Card - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess)

Tresa shows us how to make swinger cards in this video tutorial...
very Fabulously Artsy!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Sticker Shock! - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess)

In this video, Tresa shows us some fun tips and tricks for altering stickers! From bling
and glitter, to paint and ink, she completely changes the look to suite specific needs. She
also shows how easy it is to change a quote and to make a 'mask' out of the leftovers!
Finally, Tresa creates another card using several of these techniques.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

How Fabulously Artsy!!

Rock & Roll Stamping - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess)

Tresa shows us how to rock & roll our stamps in this video tutorial. The results are very pretty stamped images!

It's really two different techniques - one is rolling and one is rocking. Tresa first shows
us the one and 2-color rolling, and then a 3-color rocking technique. When she's done
teaching, she makes another Fabulously Artsy card with a one color 'rolled' background
and a 2-color 'rocked' focal..... beautiful!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Let's Rock & Roll !!!!!!

Stamp Kissing - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

In this video tutorial, Tresa shows us 6 stamp "kissing" techniques:
1) Plain (or Naked!) Kissing
2) Reverse Kissing
3) Small Stamp Kissing
4) 2-Color (or Dirty!) Kissing
5) 2-Color Kissing with One Color!
6) Kiss & Twist

After showing us these easy stamping techniques, she makes a beautiful card using
some of them.... so Fabulously Artsy!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Happy Kissing!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

How To: Use Other Companies Dies in the Cuttlebug!

Katie, from Katie's Craft Corner, shows us step-by-step exactly what is needed to use
the Cuttlebug with CuttleKids dies (at 42 seconds into video), Sizzix Sizzlits dies
(1:38 into video), Sizzix Original dies (2:34 into video), and Spellbinders Nestabilities
dies (3:39 into video). I have not given this a try myself... yet, but since I have some
Cuttlekids and Nestilbilties dies, I wanted to put this where I'd remember to look for it!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

How To: Use Brass Stencils and Fiskars Templates in Cuttlebug!

I wanted to "save" this video, because within the first five minutes, After Hours Stamper shows how to use regular brass stencils (47 seconds into the video), as well as the Fiskars embossing plates (at 2:30 into the video), in the Cuttlebug! I have not tried this out yet to see if it works, because I need to buy the Do-It-Yourself Gasket Kit that is needed first! 

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Burlap Roses

In this video, Lorinda from Atwater Moon shows us how to make roses out of burlap!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

You can make these in different sizes of course.
Here's some that are 2.25" diameter:

6 Burlap Roses - choice of colors

and these are only 1.5" wide:

6 mini Burlap Roses - choice of colors

Itty Bitty Paper Flowers

Lorinda from Atwater Moon shows us how to make some really cute itty bitty flowers
using a medium flower punch from EK Success Paper Shapers line! To me, they have
a vintage look about them.... they remind me of some little porcelain roses on top of a
charming trinket box I remember from my childhood. Lorinda also makes a darling
doily base for her itty bitty rose, using the Martha Stewart Doily Lace Trim Deep Edge
punch that is similar to an accordian flower, but much flatter!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

These little flowers with their doily bases are just too cute!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

CTMH Trees & Things Stamp Set (D1467)

A few techniques that can be used with other stamp sets as well!

Click HERE to watch on YouTube.

Faux Pressed Flowers

This is such a pretty technique and gives a 'vintage' look to your project. It's so simple
to do..... just use an embossing folder!! (i.e. Cuttlebug, etc.)

To watch the video, please click on the following link, which will take you to the written instructions of this technique on the SplitcoastStampers website.
Scroll down a little on that page until you see the familiar YouTube video box!

Click HERE for the Faux Pressed Flowers

Weren't they pretty?.... and so easy! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Faux Wood Grain Technique

Tracey Mason shows us how to make wood grain planks with cardstock, reinkers,
white pigment ink and a old toothbrush! This technique does took fantastic with the
Moon Doggie paper she uses here. (planks could also be used to make wood
flooring or fences) Very cool!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Tracey Mason's Paper Roses!

These beautiful paper roses are just fabulous! Tracey makes this look so easy, but it does take a little practice. The end result is well worth the effort you put into making these. If using a patterned paper, make sure it's double sided or you'll need to color the 'white' side of the paper with ink, chalk, paint, etc., so it looks more realistic.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Make Your Own Hand Cut 8-Petal Paper Flowers

Here's Connie MacFarlane's tutorial on how to make several different 8-petal flowers..... again, it's all about the shape of the petal you cut PLUS this time, she shows us how different these pretty flowers look by how many layers you use ----  and even a "fringed" flower!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Examples of 8-petal flowers
six layers:

two layers - Blackeyed Susan:

three layers - fringed:

Have fun and play with different shapes, sizes, and number of layers!

Make Your Own Hand Cut 6-Petal Paper Flowers

In the following video, Connie MacFarlane shows us how to make beautiful and easy,
6 petal flowers. They can be made to look like all sorts of different flowers, depending
on how you cut the petal shape once the square or squares are folded!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

6- petal flower... this time stacked!

Pretty, pretty!... I just love this lady's flowers!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Explosion Box!

Here's a video tutorial, from Splitcoaststampers, on how to make an Explosion Box!
You can add little treats inside, or you can decorate each section inside, making it into
an Explosion Box Card! Pretty cute and it's sure to have 'booming' success!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Bubble Background Technique (and card)!

In this tutorial, Kristina Baldwin shows us the Bubble Background technique....
be sure to do this one OUTSIDE, when the winds are calm!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Button Carnations

Connie MacFarlane is at it again..... coming up with cute new flowers! These button carnations are made using paper strips. Have fun!

Watch on YouTube: HERE

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