Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bleach Stamping - by Tresa Black (aka The Stamp Goddess!)

In this video, Tresa shows us how to use bleach to stamp on dye inks. With this technique, you create a 'disposable' paper towel bleach pad, and she
includes tips on using dye inks with white-core (printed) cardstock.

Some other things to know --- bleach loses its bleaching properties when exposed to air. If your bleach is old, it may not be as effective. Your home-made bleach pad will last for a couple hours, depending on your bleach. Refresh with more bleach, or make a new pad if it's not bleaching quickly (or you may need to even replace your bleach). Discard your paper towel bleach pad when finished. Make a new one for each stamping session.

Watch on YouTube: HERE

Make sure you WASH your stamps very well - immediately after stamping session. Use plain water and rinse well. If you are going to be stamping/scrapping/card making, rinse your stamps first and then finish your project... don't wait until you done working.

Tresa says that she has had no noticable effects on her scrapbook pages and she has used this technique for years! The bleach loses its properties after 24 hours exposed to air, so you may want to wait a day if using a bleach-stamped area under any photos. If you're still concerned about your photos, use buffered cardstocks to mat them before placing over the bleached area.

Please read the bleach bottle precautions and use common sense - like protecting the area where you will be bleaching and use a well ventilated space.

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